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Collection Management Department

ODTU library aims to support the academic studies at the university, to provide the information needs of academic/administrative staff and students, to collaborate with the other national/universal institutions.

Below are the basic rules and the responsibilities of the department. 

Access to the Information: The department is responsible of organizing the halls, collecting to table tops, putting in books correctly and properly placing for library users to reach the books easily.

Store Books: The department is responsible for providing the books that the users need. Please click to get more information.

Lost Books: The books which are in the collection but cannot be found by the users are searched by a handheld terminal and the users are informed.

Volume processing: To define the physically damaged books and to make them usable after doing necessary processes.

Rare Collections: To prepare an atmosphere to use the rare collection.

Information: To help the users find the books they look for and answer their questions.

Besides, to answer questions from readers, identifying books which are worn or damaged for the necessary procedures ensure the performance, make necessary steps to books which cannot be found on the shelves and bring books from stacks when requests are comes.

Please call (+90 312) 210 27 87 ( for head of department) or send an e-mail for your questions.