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Lost & Found

Forgotten personal belongings are held in the lost & found lockers at the library until closing time. Forgotten personal belongings of value (laptop, tablet PC, mobile phone, personal bag, wallet, etc.) are delivered to the On-duty Authority in the Office of Domestic Services at closing time. Other belongings (clothing, stationery, keys, etc.) are safe kept throughout the academic year by the building administrator. At the end of the each academic year, belongings of small or no value are sent out for recycling.

For forgotten personal belongings, you may contact with Library Building Administrator. Administrator office is on the ground floor, next to the Photocopy Room. You may also call (+90.312)210 27 92 or send an e-mail to lib-hot-line@metu.edu.tr.

The phone numbers for on-duty personnel are (+90.312)210 21 13 and (+90.312)210 21 14.

Library Hours

Mon-Fri Sat-Sun

Academic Semester

8:45-23:30 9:00-23:30
From the End of Final Examinations and
Until Start of Summer School
8:45-22:00 9:00-23:30
Vacation 08:45-17:15 9:00-23:30

Note: The Library does not take responsibility for the safekeeping of personal belongings. You are advised to keep your personal belongings with you at all times while in the Library.