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Make a Donation

The Library selects and accepts donated information resources in the line with the collection development policy. Our policy of collection development is determined in accordance with the educational, teaching and research needs of our university. 

Conformity to the principles of the collection is ensured by consulting the Donations & Exchange Commission, and if necessary, concerned specialists. The Library has the right to decide on whether or not the donated information resources will be added to the collection and where it will be placed.

“Book Donation Form” is filled by the donor wishing to donate library material to the Library accordingly to the Library initiative that this information resources could be returned or donated to the other universities or schools.

Information resources appropriate for the Library collection is added to the collection, listed and a letter of acknowledgement is sent in the name of the University to the person or the organization making the donation.

Material not included to the collection is returned to the donor or the material could be donated to the other universities or schools by the approval of the donor with the discretion of the Library.

Points to be considered in the selection of materials 

• Materials other than textbooks should enter the collection for the first time. 
• Materials, other than those from social sciences, should have been published in last 5 years. 
• Materials should suit the content and style of education at METU.
• For periodicals, continuity should be secured.

Materials which cannot be included in the collection
• Newspapers 
• Off-prints of periodicals 
• Material in poor condition 
• Copied material 

Click for detailed information on the selection and valuation rules of information sources to be provided through donation and exchange.

If the material you wish to donate meets to the above conditions, you can contact us by phone or fill the form below and send us by e-mail.

Donation Form  (ODTÜ Library processes your personal data within "Book and Multimedia Collection Creation and Development Process" for the purposes specified in the Law. You can reach the related  clarification text via the link below.
KVKK Clarification Text )

For books:
 gift@metu.edu.tr Phone: (+90.312)210 27 83 / (+90.312)210 27 90 Fax:(+90.312)210 27 78

For periodicals:
 referans@metu.edu.tr Phone: (+90.312)210 27 86 Fax:(+90.312)210 27 78