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Plan Your Visit

According to the decision taken by the university administration, our library only serves METU members, students and users from institutions with a protocol agreement.

Although ODTÜ Library is open to researchers, our collections may only be checked out by ODTÜ members, academic personnel of universities in Turkey, and staff of government research institutes in Turkey. 

If you plan to make research in the Library, we suggest you to contact the reference librarians first. They will lead you about using the library resources.

Students and researchers from other universities need to accomplish below steps according to use our library smoothly:

1) An application letter that is signed by the affiliated institution and defines the need for using ODTÜ Library should delivered to the Directorate of Archives and Documents located at the Rectorate by student/researcher.

2) Approved letters will be sent to the Reference Department of the Library by the related office. Petitioners may get a copy of the letter from this department..

Application letter writting rules:   

1) Application letters must be written on a billhead that includes the affiliated institution’s emblem and addressed to METU Rectorate.

2) Application letters must include the name, surname and signature of the affiliated institution’s manager.

3) Application letters must include the petitioner’s name, surname, ID number, communication details (phone number and e-mail address), the aim of application and the planned time period for the library use.

4) Applications that do not specify a library usage period in the petition text are not processed and a researcher can use the library for a maximum of 6 months.

Please click here for the form sample. (ODTÜ Library, processes your personal data within the "Reference Services Process" for the purposes specified in the Law. You can reach the related clarification text via the link. KVKK Clarification Text)

P.S.: Petitioners should be aware of that, entrance to METU Campus can be precluded under the extraordinary situations.

Computing, Printing & Copying Facilities

Computers in the Library are primarily for METU members' use.

Access to the electronic resources subscribed is IP restricted because of the licence agreements and security concerns. Visitors may use the electronic collection in the Library, and copy the content within the licence rules.

Photocopying and printout services are available in the Library. The photocopy office is located at the entrance. Prices: black and white photocopy 6 Kr/page, colored photocopy 6 Kr/page; scan 12 Kr/page; print-out 6 Kr/page; black and white print out to acetate 50 Kr/page, colored print out to acetate 1 TL.

The photocopy office is open during library hours.

How to Reach 

The Library building is beside the Rectorate building on the campus. From Eskişehir highway, a routing sign for the Library is seen at the beginning of the third street on the right-hand side. If transportation is provided by bus, there is a bus stop in front of the Rectorate.

For detailed information about transportation to METU please click here.

Users With Disabilities

Please click here to get information.