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Recommend a Library Information Resources


Filling in the Book Request Form is the only requirement for making purchase suggestions for books.

Textbooks for the Reserve Section can only be requested by METU academic staff. Please note that one textbook is purchased for every 40 students.
• Decision as to whether a suggested book will or will not be purchased by the Library will be reported by e-mail to the member of staff who made the suggestion.
• Public tender law is applied while purchasing books by metu library. Therefore, ordered books reach to library approximately in 4 months time.
• You can reach to the Acquisitions & Cataloging Department by e-mail or phone (+90.312.210 27 90 / +90.312.210 27 83) for your suggestions and questions about book requests.

Please Attention!

• Before making book suggestions, you need to check the availability of the book in the library collection.

• Surname, name, barcode and PIN information must be written on the Book Request Form. Otherwise, the request is not evaluated by the Library.

• You can write notes on the Book Request Form specifying the particular isbn, copy, edition, volume, and so on.

• While you are filling in the Book Request Form, please use Turkish characters.

Databases and Print/Electronic Journals

Subscription suggestions for databases and print/electronic journals are evaluated by considering eligibility to the collection and budget. Subscription suggestions may be made by all METU faculty, staff, and students. All suggestions are taken into consideration by the Library at the end of the year, but the Library cannot guarantee that all suggested material will be acquired. Please use the Recommend a New Electronic Journal/Database to suggest database and print/electronic journals subscriptions for the Library's collection.

You can reach the Electronic Resources Department by e-mail or phone (+90 312 210 27 86 / +90 312 210 27 98) for your suggestions and questions about subscriptions.