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Thesis Submission Guide

This guide includes the steps and explanations you need to follow in order to upload your Master or PhD thesis to OpenMETU (open.metu.edu.tr) and deliver the hard copy to the Library.

According to the Article 40 of the Higher Education Law No: 2547, "Graduate theses are open to electronic access by the National Thesis Center of Higher Education Council to contribute to science unless a confidentiality order is taken by authorized institutions and organizations." The Library of the Middle East Technical University complies with this article of the law.

In order to make the master's and doctoral theses in the Middle East Technical University available electronically, electronic copies of the theses are taken as well as the hard copies. For this reason, a copy of the master's and doctoral theses (in print and electronic form), which are checked and signed by the Institutes must be submitted to the Library. The points to be considered in submitting the theses to the Library are as follows:

  • Master and PhD theses should be prepared in the format specified in the Thesis Writing Guide. Thesis Permission Form needs to be filled in and be added to the appendices. There is no need to give the page number to Thesis Permission Form. If the page number is given, it should be specified in the “Contents” section.
  • All signatures must be completed on the print copy, then it should be submitted to the Library.
  • Electronic copy of the thesis should be formed as a single PDF file.
  • The print and electronic copies should be identical in terms of page number, format, content, etc.
  • METU “User Code” and “Password” should be used to access OpenMETU.
  • Thesis should be uploaded to OpenMETU by following the Submit> New Submission on the menu before giving print thesis to the Library.
  • PDF files up to 512 MB can be uploaded. For theses larger than 512 MB, the thesis should be saved on a CD and delivered to the Library Acquisitions & Cataloguing Unit.
  • ORC-ID must be obtained and the relevant field must be entered in OpenMETU. You can get help from ORC-ID Guide # 1 for how to get an ORC-ID number.
  • After completing all steps mentioned above, print copy should be delivered to the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Unit for evaluation process.
  • If there is an embargo, a copy of the decision of the relevant Institute’s Executive Board signed by all board members must be submitted to the relevant unit together with the printed thesis.Theses that do not receive the Institute’s Decision to Acquisitions & Cataloguing Unit cannot be controlled.

Explanations about embargoed theses and theses with confidentiality order are presented below. (See. Directive on Collecting, Editing and Opening Access to Graduate Theses in Electronic Environment)

In the case that a patent application is made or the patent application period continues, the institute or faculty board may decide to postpone access to the thesis for two years on the basis of the proposal of the thesis advisor and assent of the institute of the department.

In the case that new techniques, materials and methods are used, not turned into articles or protected by methods such as patent, and shared on the Internet, access to the theses containing information and findings that may create unfair profits to third parties or institutions can be prevented for a period not exceeding six months by justified decision of the institute or faculty board on the basis of the proposal of the thesis advisor and assent of the institute of the department.

Theses with a confidentiality decision: The decision of the Institute’s Executive Board as to the access to the work is attached to this form. Confidentiality order about the postgraduate theses concerning the issues of national interests or safety such as security, security intelligence, defense and security, health, etc. is given by the institution where the theses are made. Confidentiality order about the postgraduate theses prepared within the frame of cooperation protocol with institutions and organizations is given by the administrative committee of university upon the recommendation of the relevant institution and organization or with assent of the institute or faculty. The theses given confidentiality order are notified to the Higher Education Council.

Confidential theses will not be submitted to the Library.

  • Access status changing requests made after 30 days from submission date will not be accepted.
  • Thesis delivery to the Library must be made by appointment. After submitting your thesis to OpenMETU, you will be directed to get an appointment. Before coming to your appointment, make sure that all your signatures have been completed.
  • Printed and electronic copies are controlled by the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Unit. If there is no problem, the Institute is informed by an e-mail that the thesis has been accepted.
  • Personal data belonging to you or other people (e-mail, telephone, etc.) in the CV and/or other areas of your thesis must be deleted or clouded in both hard copy and PDF within the scope of KVKK.
  • If your thesis contains signatures belonging to you or other people (Example: Ethics Committee signature page, Research permission page, etc.), these areas must also be clouded on the pdf.

ORC-ID Guide # 1

With the letter of YÖK (Council of Higher Education) dated 08.06.2020 and numbered 32771, students enrolled in graduate education programs are obliged to obtain an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORC-ID) number and register at the National Thesis Center. The steps to be followed for this purpose are as follows.

1. Go to Council of Higher Education (YÖK) Thesis Center webpage.
2. Click on the "Sign In" button in the upper right corner.
3. Login to the system with your e-government password on the directed page.
4. Click on the "Thesis Entry Form" link on the navigation; your thesis will be displayed on the screen.
5. If you do not have completed your thesis, click the link under the 'Thesis Form' field.
6. In the following form click on "Get ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) number.
7. After being directed to the ORCID website, create an ORCID for your name by following the steps stated on the link https://tez.yok.gov.tr/UlusalTezMerkezi/dosyalar/OrcidYard%C4%B1m1.pdf . If you already have an ORCID log in and authorize the 'Yüksek Öğretim Özgeçmiş Sistemi' (Higher Education Resume System).
8. If you see your 16-digit ORCID identifier on the "Thesis Form" after the authorization process, your ORCID identification is complete.