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Remote Access

For remote access to the electronic resources provided by the Library, you can use two methods:

1. Please fill-in the "Off Campus Access Login" form with your METU-Mail username and password, when you click on the electronic resource you want to access. Once you submit your username and password, you don't need do it again unless you close the browser. Please keep in mind that you need to search your keyword(s), etc. at the Library’s web site.

For any questions please send an e-mail to lib-hot-line@metu.edu.tr

Note 1: Users without a library account must apply to the circulation desk with their ODTÜ ID card to create an account on behalf of themselves.

Note 2: Please access the databases from here.

2. VPN Service: You can also access to the electronic resources provided by the Library by using VPN service. Please do settings related to your device first.

For any questions, please send an e-mail to hotline@metu.edu.tr

Warning: The connection speed is 8 Mbps per user for users connecting via VPN. So, we recommend you to end your VPN connection when you do not need a VPN connection.