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Wireless Internet Access

Wireless Internet Access in ODTÜ

For the security of the network and preventing the unwanted access to the network, an authentication system that runs on RADIUS had been implemented, and users have to register their MAC addresses at http://netregister.metu.edu.tr

There is currently two SSID broadcasts on every AP. First SSID is ng2k - which is short form of "network group 2000" - a broadcast without any encryption.

There is also a second SSID broadcast (namely eduroam) that runs with 802.1x and that's a part of the eduroam, which stands for Education Roaming. eduroam runs on a RADIUS-based infrastructure that uses 802.1X security technology to allow for inter-institutional roaming. For more information about this network and the details of how to set it, please go to eduroam page. Currently, there are over 400 access points running on a central control unit and these AP support 802.11 a/b/g/n standard.

Users without a wireless network interface card can borrow cards from the Library and Cultural and Convention Center with their ID cards. Unfortunately this service is available to ODTÜ students and personnel only. These cards are introduced to the authentication system beforehand and needn't to be registered.

People visiting ODTÜ can use the wireless service at Library, Cultural and Convention Centre, and guest houses by registering their MAC addresses. This is going to be a temporary registration and will be deleted after a predetermined time.

You can read an article on wireless networks in CISN prepared by METU CC Network Group at this address.

Quick Guides about how to find MAC address and registering Wireless Network.