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Open Access

Open Access is a movement that involves making publicly funded scientific research outputs freely available to scientists, researchers, students, and the general public without any financial, legal, or technical barriers.

Complementing this, Open Science refers to the principles of openness, transparency, and participation in all stages of scientific knowledge production, from production to sharing. Open Science aims to encourage the sharing of scientific data, methods, and software as open source, promote transparent and open discussion of research processes and results, and foster exchange of ideas.

In 2019, ODTÜ published its Open Science Policy framework, which aims to contribute to the advancement of science and technology and support the widespread dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of society and all stakeholders through high-level open, repeatable, and reliable research outputs. ODTÜ actively promotes and supports tools that encourage Open Access and Open Science, and continually improves its research processes in this direction.

For any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact the OpenMETU Working Group.

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