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Postponement of Book Return Dates

Dear Library Users,

Within the frame of the announcement made by the Rectorate on the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring Semester teaching method, the return dates of the books borrowed in all our users accounts’ have been extended until the end of the fall semester. Within the scope of Covid-19 pandemic measures, it is aimed to prevent problems that may arise when the borrowed books are brought to the library individually or returned by cargo with the security priority of our users.

We kindly ask our users to show the necessary sensitivity regarding the protection and security of the books during this period when the return dates are extended.
New book return dates defined by user type are given below;

Undergraduate Students: September 28, 2021

Graduate Students : September 28, 2021

Faculty / Administrative Staff : September 28, 2021

***The loan period of reserve books has been updated to 1 week.