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Acquisitions & Cataloging Department

The Library aims to support University's academic programs, meet the information needs of its academic, administrative staff and students, and cooperate with the other institutions at the national and international level.

In accordance with this aim, the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department is responsible for collection development and management.

Cataloging-Classification: To carry out the cataloging and classification of printed books, audio-visual sources, theses and electronic books provided by purchasing or donating to the library.

Technical Operations: Complete the remaining operations of the information sources that have been cataloged before leaving the shelves. Send an e-mail to the user that the source of the information resource is included in the collection.

New Arrivals Service (New Arrivals)

Donation Books: To carry out the selection, evaluation and cataloging of information resources donated by individual institutions in line with the principles of collection development.

Electronic Books: Loading MARC records of e-books subscribed and / or purchased into the library automation system.

Book Awards: In line with the criteria determined by the ODTU Rectorate; Publishing awards, preparing the list of books to be used for the lecturers' upgrade and assignment procedures, performing the checks from the lists announced by the Rectorate by applications and calculating amount of the reward to be given to the book made by the ODTU Development Foundation.

Lost Book Control: To provide print / price controls on the market of books lost by the user and to carry out necessary operations on lost and / or newly provided books.

Thesis Submission: To check and submit the electronic and printed copies of Master and PhD thesis prepared and approved in ODTU.

Information: Responsible for consultation / informational inquiries within the Provisioning and Cataloging Unit duties and responsibilities.

Please send an e-mail or call (+90.312) 210 27 90 / (+90.312) 210 27 83 for your questions about the Library Catalog, acquisitions, and cataloging.