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Purchasing & Accounting Department

ODTÜ library aims to support the academic studies at the university, to provide the information needs of academic/administrative staff and students, to collaborate with the other national/universal institutions.

Below are the basic rules and the responsibilities of the department.

• To create a budget planning.

• To conduct procurement procedures for publications planned to be taken in the library.

• To prepare contract specifications, administrative specifications and technical specifications for publications to be tendered at EKAP.

• To conduct market price inquiries and requests for direct procurement.

• To execute the EKAP part of the purchases.

• To create examination and admission committee of the publications delivered to the library.

• To prepare a file both for payment to the company and for purchases of publications and services that are purchased.

• To provide pro forma and original invoice for authorization documents for foreign purchases and the translation of the authorization document and to get notary public approval of the translation.

• To open a loan for overseas payments and to ensure that the loan is closed after the payment.

•To prepare a year-end report.