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Chattels Registration Department

The library aims to support the academic programs of the University, to meet the information needs of the academic and administrative staff, and students, to cooperate with other institutions at national and international level as well.

In this regard, the basic duties and responsibilities of the Chattels Registration Department are stated below

  • To carry out the registration and transactions procedures in accordance with the Portable Goods Regulation.
  • To take delivery of examined and accepted chattels obtained from expenditure unit by counting, weighing, measuring them according to their type and quality and to keep chattels which are not used directly or opened to the usage in the responsible warehouses under an organized and classified condition.
  • To deliver chattels considered to be appropriate for usage to the related department.
  • To provide or take necessary precautions to protect the chattels against fire, wetting, deterioration, being stolen and similar dangers.
  • To make warehouse counting and inventory control.
  • To check chattels which are in use at the place where they are in use and count them or get them counted.
  • To arrange shipment documents of goods and materials to be shipped from the warehouse.
  • To do the work which are given by the spending authority or other authorities.