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Building Administrator

The library aims to support the academic programs of the University, to meet the information needs of the academic and administrative staff, and students, to cooperate with other institutions at national and international level as well.

In this regard, the basic duties and responsibilities of the Building Supervisor are stated below;

• To provide general cleaning and door security of the library.

• To communicate with the internal and external units of the library for renovation and maintenance of works and to provide cooperation with them.

• To inspect cleaning staff.

•To inspect user rooms and ensure proper use of them.

• To receive deliveries of forgotten items in the library and to hang them over to the real owner.

•To create, plan and put into service usage plans of exhibition and cinema halls of Solmaz İzdemir Conference and Furuzan Olşen.

• To carry out the proceedings of the book exhibition and student tables to be opened in front of the library.