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LexiQamus Database Subscription

LexiQamus Database has been subscribed.

LexiQamus is a linguistic analysis tool developed specifically for analyzing Ottoman Turkish. It has the following main functions:

It deciphers words that are difficult to read for various reasons,

It finds the correct word even if the user misspells it during a search,

It shows the definitions of words from several dictionaries,

It unearths hidden meanings that are not known,

It provides access to different spellings of a Word.

URL: https://www.lexiqamus.com/tr

Please use VPN (http://faq.cc.metu.edu.tr/groups/vpn-service) service for remote access to database.


1. Systematic or substantial printing, copying or downloading is forbidden due to the licence agreements. Improper use of any databases will be resulted with cancellation of the access. Please obey the copyright law.

2. Please copy URL link at Internet browser if it doesn’t work.