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Tablet PC

Academic staff, master and doctoral students studying at ODTU can borrow tablet PCs from Circulation Desk.

Tablet PC Borrowing Rules:

1. Tablet PCs are borrowed for up to 3 hours; not for renew or hold.

2. Only graduate and (or) doctoral students with valid ID cards may borrow a tablet PC.

3. During the days which user education takes place in the Library, some or all of the tablet PCs are used for this purpose.

4. Tablet PCs can borrowed from Circulation Desk. All checks of the tablet PC are made by staff with the user during the borrowing process.

5. The borrowed PC can be used only in the main Library building; cannot be taken out of the controlled entrance.

6. Neither a program or an application or a file, etc. can be deleted, or changed, or installed on the borrowed tablet PC.

7. Users must return the tablet PCs until 15minutes before to the library closed. All checks of the tablet PC are made by staff with the user during the returning process.

8. The user should not leave unattended the borrowed tablet PC under any circumstances.

9. Fine for late returns is 5 TL per hour.

10. In case of loss of the tablet PC or any of the additional hardware. the following fines must be payed by the user:

Tablet PC: $ 400
Charging adapter (lent if necessary): 30 TL


Please send an e-mail to Circulation Desk or call (+90.312)2102785 for your questions and suggestions.