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Mission, Vision, and Basic Values

Our Mission

We are here, as METU Library, to provide necessary, reliable, and global information and knowledge for research and education activities of METU, and larger public through up-to-date resources, facilities and techniques. Our library aims to be a leading  university library for Turkish universities.

Our Vision

Having all kind of modern technological and physical resources which are well suited to the future needs of education and research, METU Library is a significant center of information and documentation to offer best services to its users without time and space barrier. Due to having such a characteristic, our library became one of the unique libraries in its region.

Our Values

Staff of METU Library is composed of hardworking, honest and respectful employers. Our staff constantly enhances themselves within the ever-changing world of information, adopts the scientific ethic rules in principle and works in a peaceful and collaborative environment. The library staff is proud of being a member of a larger METU family.

Director of Library and Documantation