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E-Theses Submission Form

2547 sayılı YÖK Kanununun 40. ek maddesine göre "Lisansüstü tezler yetkili kurum ve kuruluşlar tarafından gizlilik kararı alınmadıkça, bilime katkı sağlamak amacıyla Yükseköğretim Kurulu Ulusal Tez Merkezi tarafından elektronik ortamda erişime açılır." Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi kanunun bu maddesine uygun hareket eder.

Master and PhD theses that are completed at Middle East Technical University should be submitted  as  PDF files and print copies to the library. 

Please read the following information;

  • Master and PhD theses should be prepared in the format specified in the Thesis Writing Guide. Thesis Permission Form needs to be filled in and be added to the appendices. There is no need to give the page number to Thesis Permission Form. If the page number is given, it should be specified in the “Contents” section.
  • All signatures must be completed on the print copy , then it should be submitted to the Library.
  • Electronic copy of thesis should be formed in as a single PDF file.
  • The print and electronic copies should be identical in terms of page number, format, content, etc.
  •  Submission form which is at http://etd.lib.metu.edu.tr  needs to be filled in and PDF file  should be uploaded  before giving print thesis to the Library.
  • Due to security reasons, Submission form is only accessible within the METU campus. PCs with Internet connection in the Library could be used for this purpose.
  •  “User Code” and “Password” which are given from Computer Center should be used to access to“Submission form”.
  • PDF files  up to 512 MB could be uploaded. PDF files bigger than 512 MB should be recorded to a CD and delivered to the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department. However online submission form should be filled in.
  • After completing all steps mentioned above, print copy should be delivered to the Acquisitions & Cataloguing Department for evaluation process.
  •  If there is no mistake in both PDF file and print copy. The approved  print out of submission form  will be  given to the student to deliver to Institute.
  • Print copy of  thesis will be kept in the Library and  added to  the Library collection.